Domikey, built since 2019, is a China-based manufacturer that focuses on high-end customize Keycaps. All of its products are produced with its own high precision mould. 

Its flagship product  SA series earns a good reputation in the mechanical keyboards community.

Domikey is dedicated to making a new stage of high-end customize keycaps. With high technology, selective materials and professional product design and development, Domikey brings more exclusive and high quality keycaps to the mechanical keyboards community.

Super High Quilty

The two-year wait was worth it.Perfect combination of inner and outer mould is the best medal, which contains 27 engineers and over 500 workers' hard sweat and expectation.We all believe that THE BEST OR NOTHING.

Craftsman’s Spirit

In order to achieve the exquisite spark effect, we spent a lot of money to buy a spark machine from Switzerland.If you still have 1 percent room to improve, you have to give 120 percent effort.

Stripe is The Best

We spent extra 30 percent money and another six months to get stripe effect.Many people advise us not to do so well, because this is just the underside that no one could see.But we insist that if the world's best doubleshot keycap bottom is like that, we have to make it ,which is a sense of mission.

Not One Less

In order to fit various keyboards, we made more than 300 different keycap moulds.We want to prove that no matter where you are, no matter what kind of keyboard you use, when you look for keycaps on the Internet, you can automatically think of us, because our mission is NEVER ABANDON,NEVER QUIT